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Zany Brainy Can Learn Anything! is a growth mindset curriculum for early elementary age students. 

In this unit, I use Zany Brainy to externalize how students think about their mistakes. Students learn to think of mistakes as a form of learning, rather than the failure to learn.

When they make a mistake and feel frustrated or disappointed, I teach students to STOP: stretch, take a walk, open arms for a hug, or practice deep breathing. These are suggestions for how to return to a calm space, in which they are 'ready to learn.'

I also teach students ways to make their brain STRONG: be silly (yes, laughing helps us learn!), talk about their learning, read, make oopsies (mistakes help us learn too), numbers, and games.

Two other characters I introduce are Chaos - the things in the world that are out of our control; and Rainy Day thinking, which is essentially fixed mindset thoughts.

Zany Brainy Can Learn Anything! Overview

Daily Practice

Deep Breathing

Choose a shape and trace it with your finger on your desk. Slowly breathe in and out. (Click to make it big!)

Triangle Shape Breathing
Lazy 8 Breathing
Square Shape Breathing

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