Socializing During A Pandemic

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Socializing During A Pandemic is a social skills curriculum for upper grade level students.

The core concept is that connection and relationships help to reduce the anxiety and stress that so often afflicts adolescence. This includes social anxiety, which has been heightened during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The series includes an explanation for teenagers about why socialization is important, as well as a number of suggestions for socializing online and in person safely.

It is vital that parents/guardians review the safety information in the videos with their children, and determine together with their child what level of risk is appropriate for your unique family situation.

Socializing During A Pandemic Overview

Daily Practice

Deep Breathing

Choose a shape and trace it with your finger on your desk. Slowly breathe in and out. (Click to make it big!)

Triangle Shape Breathing
Lazy 8 Breathing
Square Shape Breathing

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