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Piloting Your Plane is an emotional regulation curriculum for early elementary school children.

The core concept is that our bodies are planes, and we are the pilots. Our job is to fly our plane smoothly throughout the day without crashing.

I teach children to check in at their control center to help them fly smoothly. We use the following gauges:

Emotional Thermometer

Hunger Gauge

Weather Forecast

I ask students to make a calm down kit and create a calm down zone at home if possible.

These skills have all been proven very effective, but only with practice, practice, and more practice! You can help your child by encouraging daily practice when they are calm. This helps build 'muscle memory' to use these skills when 'in the yellow/red.'

I encourage all parents/teachers to watch the series with their children, as building a common language is also critical to success.

Piloting Your Plane Overview

Daily Practice

Deep Breathing

Choose a shape and trace it with your finger on your desk. Slowly breathe in and out. (Click to make it big!)

Triangle Shape Breathing
Lazy 8 Breathing
Square Shape Breathing

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