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Zany Brainy Does A Push Up

Learning is hard work!

Think about a time when you made a mistake. What did you do AFTER the mistake? Did you get mad? Sad? Did you keep trying more right away? Did you ask for help? Did you take a break? Write about it in your SEL journal.

When we make a mistake, it's usually because we are learning or doing something new. When we are doing or learning something hard, Zany Brainy is working REALLY hard. That's why when I make a mistake, I just think, "Wow - Zany just did a really hard push up!"

If you try to do too much exercise without rest, it's really likely that you will get grumpy or cranky after. Just like with other exercise, it's important to give our brains a rest after working so hard. 

STOP after making a mistake

Remember to STOP

When you make a mistake, it is important to STOP for a little while. Wait until you are calm and ready to learn before going back to your activity. This might just take a minute, or it might be the next day before you feel ready to try again. That's ok. Give Zany Brainy a break when you need it.

These are some ideas for taking a break when you are frustrated with your learning.

SEL Journal

SEL Journal

Make a plan for the next time you make a mistake. What will you do to take a break? How will you know when you are ready to learn again?

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