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What Is "Hangry" All About?


1. Have you ever noticed how you feel when you are hungry? Along with feeling hungry in our stomach, we often feel our hunger in our emotions too. This happens so often there is even a made up word about it: hangry. Hangry is the word you would get if you smushed hungry and angry together.

When I am hungry

2. Draw an outline of your body in your SEL journal or on a piece of paper. Using different colors, show where you feel hunger in your body AND your emotions.

HANGRY in our body

The Science of Hangry

This part is for those of you who enjoy learning about the science of your body. 

When our body is low on nutrients, these are the steps that happen in response:

a) Our blood sugar levels go lower

b) Our brain sends signals to prevent us from starving. It releases hormones called cortisol, which tells your body it is under stress, and adrenaline, which prepares our body to fight or run away from dangers.

c) These hormones put all of your emotions into an anxious, irritable state.

d) When our body is low on water, that increases bad moods, headaches, confusion, not being able to focus, and tiredness.

e) Being hungry and thirsty makes us tired...which also makes us more irritable!

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