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We learn a lot of things. Some are easy and some are hard. Do you rememeber how you learned how to walk? It wasn't easy. It took many months of practicing, falling down, and getting back up, over and over, every single day.

How hard is it for you to walk now? For most of us, it is something we can do without even thinking about it!! That's how learning is. All of those things we call mistakes and failures are really just important steps on the way to learning something new.

SEL Journal Activity

Journal Activity

In your journal, draw some footsteps. On each footstep, write each step of how you learned to walk. If you want to, you can draw each step instead. It should be something like this:

  1.  Tried to stand and fell down

  2. Held someone's hand

  3. Held the wall

  4. Kept falling down and getting back up

  5. Cried but tried again

  6. Took first steps!!

  7. Fell some more but got back up

  8. Held people's hands a lot

  9. Able to walk without thinking about it

Now, think of something that is really hard for you to learn right now. This could be tying your shoes, something at school, or staying safe when you feel mad, for example.

Each goal takes lots of steps

Make a new set of footsteps. Write your goal all the way at the end. What do you need to try or practice in order to reach your goal? How will you keep going when you make mistakes? Whose help do you need?

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