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Rainy Day Thinking

Rainy Day Thinking

Rainy Day Thoughts are the ones that tell us we can't do something. Rainy Day uses words like "smart," "dumb," and "can't." Sometimes, when we are frustrated, Rainy Day tells us other people just have a better Zany Brainy than we do.

That's just NOT TRUE! Everyone has an amazing Zany Brainy. Each person's brain is different, so some people do learn numbers more easily, and some people learn music faster. Some people have an easier time with sports, and some people have huge imaginations. But each of these is something that EVERYONE can learn, with hard work. When something is hard for you, remember that you have your own strengths, and that you CAN learn new things if you don't give up.

SEL Journal

My Zany Brainy Rocks!

When you do something well, congratulate yourself - you worked hard and deserve to feel proud! When you are struggling to do something, remember to add the word "yet" to any negative thoughts you have. For example, "I can't do this...YET!" Remind yourself it might just take extra effort and help.

In your SEL journal, write down what makes your Zany Brainy special. What things are easier for you to learn? What makes you feel proud? What things are hard for you to learn? It's ok for some things to be easier and some things to be hard. But remember to ask for help and give yourself extra time to learn the hard things!

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