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Practice, Practice, Practice

Learning To Walk

It takes a LOT of practice to be really good at something. For example, learning to walk took you MONTHS of pulling up and falling down over and over again. When you were a baby you didn't know anything about how the brain and body learns, but you did three really important things.

a) You asked for help. You held on to someone's hands.

b) You got back up when you fell down.

c) You practiced A LOT. Every day for hours.

Practice, practice, practice!

Take out your Calm Down Kit and sit in your Calm Zone, if you have one.

Practice checking your body's "control center." Remember, you are the pilot - your job is to make sure all your controls are lined up to fly smoothly!

Emotional Thermometer: Are you in the green zone? If not, visit the Calm Zone if you need ideas to cool down!

Hunger/Thirst Meter: Do you need a snack? A glass of water is always a good idea!

Breathing Practice: Choose one of the shapes to practice deep breathing with.

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