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My Watchtower


Have you ever not known that you were about to crash...but someone else DID realize you needed a break? This often happens with parents, teachers, and caregivers - they might ask you to take a break, rest, eat, get a drink of water, or try a different activity when they can tell you need a break. These adults are your own personal watchtower - they are looking for bad weather or turbulence that you can't see from the pilot seat.

Watchtower Adults Keep Us Safe

My Watchtower

1. Draw a watchtower in your SEL journal, or if you want to, you can craft one out of different materials like cardboard, construction paper or popsicle sticks.

2. Write the names of the people who take care of you. These people are your watchtower, and they want you to be happy and healthy.

3. Try to think of who else might be watching out for you, keeping you safe and happy. For example, do you have a crossing guard on your way to school who looks out for cars that you might not see? Write down everyone you can think of who helps you fly smoothly.

4. Explain to your parents or caregivers about watchtowers. Make up a word or sentence they can say when they see you might crash. Practice using our calm down tools everytime they say those "code words."

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