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My Own Calm Zone And Kit

Calm Down Kit Box

1. First, let's make a calm down kit.  You can use any container for your calm down kit - a basket, a bin, a cardboard box...whatever you can find around your house. Find a container you would like to use. If you'd like, have some fun decorating it!

Calm Down Kit Supplies

2. Now, it's time to add items to your calm down kit! You can add anything that will help you when you are mad or sad. It can be items from this list, or your own ideas, or both!

Supplies for Calm Down Kit (optional)

Stuffed animal

Lazy 8 Breathing or Shape Breathing Paper (if you don't know what that is, don't worry, you'll learn about it soon!)

Emotional Thermometer

Fidget toy

Squeezie toy (can make own: rice filled balloon)

Balloon to bounce to relax your body

Scrap paper that you can rip if frustrated

Doodling/coloring supplies

SEL Journal (decorate this too!)

Books that calm you down or make you laugh

Playdough, slime, silly putty

Glitter jar

Sand Timer

Feeling Cards

Calm Zone

3. Now it is time to choose a good spot for your calm down kit in your home or classroom. If you are at school, your teacher has maybe created a calm down zone for the class. At home, if you can, choose a quiet spot and let everyone know that is where you'd like to go when you need alone time to calm down. Put your calm down kit in your calm down zone!

Give yourself a star every time you practice!

4. The most important part of learning to handle your emotions is to practice, practice, practice! If you want, you can make a star chart out of a paper and leave it near your calm down zone, or make one in your SEL journal. Put a star in a box every time you practice calming down. You should practice when you are in the green on your emotional thermometer.

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