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My Flight Plan

Trifold Paper

This is the last activity for Piloting Your Plane!!  Fantastic! You have learned so much. Let's do one last activity together for now...but remember, you can always come back to practice and re-learn these skills as much as you would like!

1. Take a paper and fold it into 3 parts, or draw two lines in your SEL journal to make a page that looks like this one.

2. Label the tops of each section:

My Plan  |  Calm Down Kit  |  Watchtower

Travel Calm Down Kit

3. Pretend to be a weather forecaster and think about a time coming up when you will probably be really excited or really nervous. These big emotions might cause your plane to crash. In the first column, where it says "My Plan," write 3 things you can do to help yourself fly smoothly even when you are really excited.

4. If this event is happening outside your house, what are some things you can bring with you that might help you feel more calm? Are there things in your calm down kit you might want to bring? Write or draw those in the middle column. These items can be your travel calm down kit.


5. What is the code word or sentence you made up with your parents or caregivers? In the third column, under Watchtower, write down what they will say if they see you need a break.  When they say these words, it means they can tell you might crash, even if you can't tell! 

6. If you want to, fold your paper so your plan is closed inside, and decorate the outside like a rocketship.

7. Share your plan with your parents, teachers, or caregivers, so they can help you fly smoothly! See if they have any ideas to add to your plan.

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