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My Emotional Thermometer

Blank Thermometer

1. Our emotional thermometers are a very important part of our calm down kits. First, draw a thermometer like this in your SEL journal or on paper:

Emotional Thermometer

2. Color your thermometer in order, from top to bottom: red, yellow, green, blue. You can be creative and add fun emojis or other decorations!

Green and Yellow Zone Words

3. Think of some emotion words that match each part of your thermometer. 

What emotions do you feel when you are happy and calm? (Hint - those are two great green zone words right there!)  

The yellow zone is often where we are when we are annoyed, irritated, hyper, or excited. 

Red, Yellow and Blue Zone Words

The red zone is when our body feels out of control - this is when we most often hit or yell. This is when we are feeling angry, mad, and frustrated.

The blue zone is for when we feel low energy - perhaps tired, sick, sad, or lonely.

Feelings Board

Write as many emotion words as you can think of for each part of your thermometer. You can use the Feelings Board if you need ideas!

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