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Meet Zany Brainy

SEL Journal Activity

Here are some fun facts about your Zany Brainy!

Open up your SEL journal and draw your own Zany Brainy picture. Then write down the facts that you find most interesting.

Meet Zany Brainy!

All About The Brain

Your brain is made of tiny neurons that are like little building blocks. Draw some building blocks inside your picture of Zany Brainy.

Your brain actually has as many neurons as there are stars in the whole galaxy! Draw lots of stars in your picture of Zany Brainy.

When we learn something new, our brain connects neurons to each other. Write something you would like to learn about, and draw a line connecting your building blocks inside of Zany Brainy.

Our brains could power a lightbulb

When we make mistakes, our brain still learns! Write down a time you made a mistake, then connect some of the stars inside of Zany Brainy.

When all the neurons work together, your brain creates so much electricity it could power a lightbulb!! Draw a lightbulb near Zany Brainy!

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