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Family Fun

People often overlook the socializing we do with family...but spending dedicated time interacting with your family definitely counts as in-person socialization! As important as it is to connect with peers your age, it is also important to strengthen bonds within your family. This pandemic is allowing many of us plenty of extra time with our family...I say, embrace it! What a great opportunity to make memories and spend time together before taking your next step to independence - be that a job, college, service, or whatever your path is in life.

Here are some ideas for spending extra time with your family:

1. Eat meals and snacks together with no phones or devices allowed

2. Play board games or cards

3. Be active together! Shoot some hoops, play tennis, go for a walk, bike somewhere interesting

4. Schedule an outing. Some places I know that are open near me include: hiking trails, beaches (sometimes), mini golf and zoos. See what's open in your area!

5. Take on a service project together.

6. Invite your parents to share one of your interests - a favorite show for example, or book, or singer. Parents are often looking for ways to understand their teen better!

7. Go for a ride together. If you have trouble talking across the dinner table face-to-face, sitting in the car can help people feel more relaxed

There's really no wrong way to have fun with your family. It's just a matter of putting away devices and making the choice to spend time together.

SEL Journal Activity

Journal Activity

In your SEL journal, write about the things you like to do with your family. List them one-by-one and think about the quality of time you most enjoy spending with each person. Put a star next to two things you plan to do this week to build your family relationship.

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