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Color Zone Chart

STOP when you are in the red zone

1. Think about a time when you were really, really mad. What did you do? Did you yell? Hit? Stomp your feet? Say mean words? These are all signs of being in the red zone.

When you are in the red zone, your body needs to relax too, not just your mind.

Relax your mind in the yellow zone

2. When you are in the yellow zone, the calm down kit is a great way to relax your mind.

Rest when you are in the blue zone

3. The blue zone is when you feel low energy - either feeling sad, sick, or tired. When you are in the blue zone, you need to relax your heart. πŸ’™

The Feelings Board has color coded symbols

4. On our feelings board, there are color coded symbols to help you figure out which activities will best help you return to the green zone, where you are calm and read to learn!

The Calm Zone Chart

5. Make your own color chart in your SEL journal (or just on a piece of paper) and brainstorm ways you can calm down in each zone. Each person's body is different - think about what actually works for you.


Here are some ideas to get you started. You can find this chart in the Calm Zone anytime you need it!

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