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A Time I Crashed

Quarter Fold

1. Take a paper and fold it into 4 rectangles. You can do this by folding the paper in half one way, and then folding it in half again the other way. Or draw these lines in your SEL journal.

Label The Corners

2. Write small letters in the corner of each rectangle: A, B, C, and D.

Example: "I got really mad and threw a tantrum about my friend using my toy."

3. Think of a time that your plane 'crashed.' This could be a time when you were too tired, frustrated, mad, hungry, scared, or hyper, for example. Draw and write about it in rectangle B. Add lots of details!

Example: "My friend was really sad that I yelled. They felt really bad, and so did I. I was a little embarrassed too."

4. Now think of what happened because you crashed. Did you get in trouble? Did someone get hurt, in their body or in their feelings? Did something break? Draw and write about it in rectangle C. Add as many details as you can think of.

Example: "I was feeling really worried and stressed because my homework was too hard."

5. Next, think of what might have caused you to crash. Were you hungry, thirsty, or tired? Did you feel stressed or worried about something? Draw and write about it in rectangle A.

Example: "I stopped and took some deep breaths. That helped me calm down. Then I apologized."

6. Last, think about what you did well.  Did you walk away and take time to calm down? Did you stop yourself from hurting anyone or breaking things? Did you remember to breathe? Draw and write about it in rectangle D.

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