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A Day In My Life

A sample morning schedule

We are going to be detectives again!

1. In your SEL journal, make a schedule of your usual day. You can draw pictures or use words or both! What do you usually do in a day? Write your day from start to finish, in order.


2. The next time your plane 'crashes' - whether you are too tired, mad, grumpy, sad, or frustrated - put an 'x' next to that activity on your schedule.  Do this for a few days. Keep your journal handy so you can find it whenever you need to mark an x.

Make a new plan together

3. After a few days, share your journal with your family.  See if they can help you investigate. Are there times in your day when you most often crash? What could you do before that part of your day to help you fly smoother? Maybe you need a rest break with a book, or a water or snack break, or some exercise. Make a new flight plan and see if it helps you fly smoother!

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