About Us

MUSE is a unique Social and Emotional Learning curriculum for students, parents, and teachers.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to improve the life outcomes of our students; to help generations of students develop their emotional intelligence; and to reduce global issues of violence in all forms.

MUSE Framework

The MUSE Framework of Social Emotional Learning emphasizes how adult modeled behavior impacts emotional intelligence. MUSE breaks the teaching of social and emotional intelligence into four major learning components:

Modeling Behaviors

Understanding Emotions

Social Skills

Emotional Regulation

MUSE was developed by Monica Gupta Mehta, a Social and Emotional Learning educator for over 20 years. Monica has an M.Ed. in Educational Psychology, with a focus on Applied Cognition and Development.

You can read more about the MUSE Framework, including a comparison to other leading SEL frameworks, here.

For those of you new to Social and Emotional Learning, you can read my Beginner's Guide to SEL here.

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